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In a world where we are bombarded with health advice, it is easy to feel lost in a sea of unverified information. From dietary supplementation to exercise, we are inundated with suggestions, hard-sell advertisements and sometimes peer pressure, to take up one regime or another. In this episode, we meet a family physician who has been wrestling with frequently asked questions and evolving medical science for over forty years. Dr. Walt Larimore is  the author of multiple books and articles on healthcare, including the Natural Medicine Handbook: The truth about the Most Effective Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements for Common Conditions.  In conversation with Peter Bowes, Dr. Larimore explains how he sorts fact from fiction; why he says sufferers from some of the most debilitating diseases are being offered false hope; and how simple everyday steps can be taken to promote optimum health without the need for any external interventions.

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Live Long and Master Aging podcast

In a series of one-to-one interviews, the Live Long and Master Aging podcast hacks the aging process. Our guests include world-renowned scientists, future thinkers and biohackers, all of whom have a common goal of figuring out how we can live longer and healthier. We also talk to inspiring individuals who have already mastered the aging process. We talk a lot about food, fasting, fitness, the brain and good fortune.

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Peter Bowes

A British-born, naturalised American, Peter Bowes is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He is trained as a biologist and has spent much of his career working in news, current affairs and documentary-making for the BBC. A self-experimenter, when it comes to his own diet and exercise, Peter is fascinated by lifestyles and science-based regimes that promote healthy aging.

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