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Every two seconds, someone in the world will have a stroke. Almost two-thirds of survivors leave hospital with some form of disability.  It is a battle against time to get the most appropriate medical intervention and treatment for stroke victims and every second counts., a San Francisco-based applied artificial intelligence company, was established by British neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Mansi with the goal of using A.I. to make healthcare work faster and smarter. He was inspired by a patient who underwent a successful brain operation but died because the surgery came too late. In this LLAMA podcast interview, recorded at TEDMED, Dr. Mansi explains why rapid treatment can mean the difference between life and death – and why he believes medical technology is on the cusp of transforming healthcare and dramatically improving the odds of making a full recovery from a stroke.

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Live Long and Master Aging podcast

In a series of one-to-one interviews, the Live Long and Master Aging podcast hacks the aging process. Our guests include world-renowned scientists, future thinkers and biohackers, all of whom have a common goal of figuring out how we can live longer and healthier. We also talk to inspiring individuals who have already mastered the aging process. We talk a lot about food, fasting, fitness, the brain and good fortune.

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A British-born, naturalised American, Peter Bowes is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He is trained as a biologist and has spent much of his career working in news, current affairs and documentary-making for the BBC. A self-experimenter, when it comes to his own diet and exercise, Peter is fascinated by lifestyles and science-based regimes that promote healthy aging.

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