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The Annual Biohacking Conference, hosted by Upgrade Labs, is a mind-boggling, mind-enhancing gathering of people, from all walks of life, who want to live better and longer.  LLAMA’s Peter Bowes attended this year’s event, in Beverly Hills, California, to meet Dave Asprey, the movement’s poster boy for self-improvement, along with some of the conference’s key speakers and exhibitors. In this episode we explore everything from cryotherapy to enhancing neuroplasticity, flow meditation, mitochondrial health and infrared saunas. Dave explains how biohacking has come of age, why he believes he will live to be at least 180 and how he says everyone – not just the rich and famous – could benefit from being in better control of their bodies and biology.
We also meet:
Dr. Barry Morguelan, Chinese energy grandmaster
Dr. Charles Brenner, Chromadex
Lauren Hansen, Cryo Science
Dr. Patrick Porter, BrainTap
Tom Griffin, Halo Neuroscience
Dr. Chris Shade, Quicksilver Scientific
James Brown, Vedic Meditation
Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Clearlight Infrared

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Live Long and Master Aging podcast

In a series of one-to-one interviews, the Live Long and Master Aging podcast hacks the aging process. Our guests include world-renowned scientists, future thinkers and biohackers, all of whom have a common goal of figuring out how we can live longer and healthier. We also talk to inspiring individuals who have already mastered the aging process. We talk a lot about food, fasting, fitness, the brain and good fortune.

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A British-born, naturalised American, Peter Bowes is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He is trained as a biologist and has spent much of his career working in news, current affairs and documentary-making for the BBC. A self-experimenter, when it comes to his own diet and exercise, Peter is fascinated by lifestyles and science-based regimes that promote healthy aging.

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