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Dealing with coronavirus

Felice Gersh: Physician and integrative medicine specialist

Coronavirus is the only topic on our minds at the moment. People are panic shopping, a national emergency has been declared in the United States and widespread travel bans have been implemented around the world. There is also much confusion over testing for Covid-19 and how we should be looking after ourselves as the pandemic unfolds. Living long and well may be our goal in normal times, but getting through the next few months is a greater concern right now. In this episode of the Live Long and Master Aging podcast, with Peter Bowes, Dr. Felice Gersh, a physician and integrative medicine specialist, discusses the practical implications of a disease that has gripped the world with fear and uncertainty.

Published on: 13 Mar 2020 @ 21:00 PT


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In this episode we cover:

  • Coronavirus: the global threat and our response to it.
  • The impact on doctors’ surgeries and the rise of telemedicine.
  • Social distancing – what it means and how to achieve it.
  • The implications of a viral pandemic for dietary regimes – whether they be for weight-loss or longevity.
  • Fasting, the immune system and eating to stay healthy.

“We can always find that silver lining. It brings us together.”

  • Surviving at home or in isolation.
  • Are men and women equally vulnerable to coronavirus?
  • Going into emergency mode and maintaing best health practices.

“Even in social isolation – social distancing – we can still actually become warmer and more humane to each other and build relations.”

  • Exercise regimes during a health crisis.
  • Calming the mind and dealing with the stress.
  • Seeing beyond the crisis and helping each other.

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The Live Long and Master Aging podcast shares ideas but does not offer medical advice.  If you have health concerns of any kind you should consult your own doctor or professional health adviser. 

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