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Curt von Badinski

Mechanical engineer developing technology to track physical activity levels and sleep patterns

Curt von Badinski is a serial tinkerer, inventor, entrepreneur and businessman. As a mechanical engineer he worked on secret projects at the aerospace company, Lockheed Martin; he developed network equipment at the IT giant, Cisco Systems, and he built a family company making camera accessories. It was during this enterprise that Curt realized his work-obsessed and sleep deprived “crazy” lifestyle was making him sick. It was a light-bulb moment that convinced Curt to use his tech expertise to focus on his health and longevity. He created Motiv, a San Francisco-based startup, with the initial goal of developing a discreet hand ring to monitor physical activity and sleep patterns. The Motiv Ring launches during the summer. Curt still lives a moderately crazy lifestyle, as LLAMA host Peter Bowes discovered, when they met in Burbank, California.

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