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Optimizing happiness and health span

David Hauser: Author, entrepreneur

There’s an old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness. But what about lifestyle hacks to optimize wellbeing and overall health? David Hauser is a hugely successful businessman who has overcome multiple health problems and self-esteem issues – including weight gain, exhaustion and failed diets – to transform his life.  Once a slave to pseudoscience and fad diets, David says he eventually embraced real science and applied a data-driven approach to building an “unstoppable” lifestyle.  He is best known for co-founding the Grasshopper Group, a virtual telephone service, but the Las Vegas based entrepreneur has now taken on the role of self-help guru, empowering others in their quest for better physical and mental health.  In this LLAMA podcast interview, with Peter Bowes, David explains his “optimization mindset” and new-found zest for life.

Published on: 7 Jan 2020 @ 08:31 PT


Connect with David: Website | Book: Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life | Twitter

In this interview we cover:

  • David’s journey from overweight teen to wellbeing evangelist
  • Tackling brain fog and physical malaise
  • Epidemiological studies – the pros and cons
  • Arguments over misleading health headlines
  • Plants based diets – reality, facts and myths

“I am a machine that can be optimized and I need to use the tools that I have at my disposal to do that.”

  • Deep diving into data to set out a framework for wellbeing
  • Sleep, meditation, mindfulness
  • The meaning of deep breathing
  • Daily routines without tracking

“I very much believe in optimizing health span.”

  • Yoga – really!
  • Optimizing sleep environments and patterns.
  • Living with technology and keeping it at arm’s length.
  • Computers, TVs and phones

“I want to live as long as possible while doing the things I love to do.”

  • Longevity goals and optimizing health span.
  • Experiences over things.
  • Building a legacy that matters

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