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David Korsunsky: Heads Up Health

Data, spreadsheets and graphs galore.  Those of us with a nerdy obsession for analyzing our own health information have long been searching for a streamlined platform to keep track of our numbers. David Korsunsky appears to have found the solution. When he took his health into his own hands, frustrated by persistent and chronic stress-related issues, he stumbled across a life-changing idea. Believing he needed a more complete picture of his medical health, David pasted lab test results from three different doctors into a single spreadsheet. He then analyzed the data with another doctor and it became clear he was suffering from digestive health issues.  It enabled him correctly to address his health problems. In this LLAMA podcast interview with Peter Bowes, David discusses the process of creating Heads Up Health, a software that allows people to view their entire medical history from previous healthcare providers – as well as data from health apps – all in one place. David explains how viewing complete medical data alongside lifestyle metrics, like sleep, exercise and heart rate, can help you monitor specific health issues and prevent others. They could even help extend your health span.

Published on: 11 Jun 2018 @ 15:34 PST


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In this interview we explore:
  • Why Dave believes it is important to pay attention to your health history and medical tests, instead of relying on one professional to analyze them correctly.
“I want to have a high quality of life as long as I possibly can and that’s why I track consistently. Even though I’m not necessarily sick now, I use it as my own longevity strategy.”
  • How checking in with daily data collected from a fitness device can improve your lifestyle habits, and your life in general.
  • How Dave turned his passion for numbers into a useful health platform everyone can use.
  • How is it possible to collate data from different health providers?
  • Understanding patient portals and how US law makes it possible to view more of our medical data.
“I had a lot of interesting data, but none of it was talking to each other. It seemed like a really obvious problem that should have been solved by now.”
  • Dave explains the factors that tell him whether or not he’s on track for optimum health and longevity.
  • How analyzing medical data alongside your lifestyle habits, like the amount of sleep you get each night, can help you be as energetic, strong and healthy as possible.
  • What is “sleep hygiene?”
  • What lifestyle habits Dave has since (mostly) kicked that hindered his overall energy throughout the day.
  • How is Heads Up Health is useful for people of all walks of life.
  • Are there any confidentiality issues?
“Our most active and engaged users are the least technically savvy people you could possibly imagine.”
  • Dave explains that people have begun to use the software to monitor and stay on top of health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and cardio-vascular related disorders.
  • How is Heads Up Health developing and will there be a mobile app?
“All I care about is building something that helps people. That is my true north.”

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