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FlexBeam is a wearable red light therapy device which targets key parts of the body to improve sleep, treat injuries and sooth aches and pains. 

PROMOTION: December 1- December 15, 2023

The price of FlexBeam is reduced from US$449 + tax and shipping to US$369 + tax and shipping.  PLUS LLAMA podcast listeners receive an additional US$10 discount with the code ‘extra10’ Insert extra10 in the cart at checkout here

After December 15

Use the code LLAMA here for an $80 discount on the purchase of a Flexbeam unit at its regular price.  

Listen to our conversations with FlexBeam co-founders Dr. Zulia Frost and Bjørn Ekeberg

  1. Dr. Zulia Frost (Part 1): Exploring the science behind red light therapy
  2. Dr. Zulia Frost (Part 2): Better sleep with red light therapy
  3. Dr. Zulia Frost (Part 3): Aches, pains and sports injuries
  4. Dr. Zulia Frost (Part 4): Gut health and digestion
  5. Bjørn Ekeberg: Targeted red light therapy to support recovery

LLAMA derives a small commission from sales of FlexBeam. It helps support the podcast and allows us to continue sharing conversations, free of charge, about human longevity. Our mission is to explore the science and lifestyle interventions that could help us live longer and better. Thank you for your support.

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