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Biohacking to live a healthier and more productive life

Geoffrey Woo: CEO, HVMN

The enhancement of the human body is the main goal of Geoffrey Woo, a biohacker and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. A Stanford-trained computer scientist, Geoffrey is the CEO and co-founder of HVMN (formerly Nootrobox), a nootropics company that melds biology and technology to optimize the human system. The evolving science behind nootropics, which are legal compounds designed to improve cognitive function, has become big business in Silicon Valley. Geoffrey sees the human body as a quantifiable and manipulable system, and the next platform for innovation and growth. Along with his employees, he is also an enthusiastic proponent of fasting, Together, they have built a vibrant community of like-minded followers, known as WeFast. They regularly deprive themselves of food, in the pursuit of good health and longevity. In this in-depth interview, Geoffrey shares his enthusiasm for biohacking and explains why he believes everyone will be fasting within the next two years.

Recorded: June 8, 2017 | Published Jun 26, 2017

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