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James Hamblin

Embracing modern media and rebuffing news cycles for better health

If there were such as thing as the Fountain of Youth, Dr. James Hamblin, senior editor at The Atlantic, must have been drinking from it all his life. In the real world, the 35-year old doctor-turned-journalist, shrugs off his youthful appearance as a family trait. When asked about his boyish looks, the host of the video series, If Our Bodies Could Talk, responds without hesitation. He is used to answering questions. After training as a radiologist and dabbling in improv comedy, James realized that he preferred talking for a living than practicing medicine. He is now known as the doctor who offers “off-beat perspectives” on health matters, through his writing and video series. In this interview, James shares his disdain for news cycles and enthusiasm for a plant-based diet. He also discusses his frustration with the medical profession and suggests family doctors would serve their patients better if they had an active Instagram account.

Notes and quotes

James believes doctors should be more active in social media to communicate health information to their patients.

 “You need to be on those platforms and communicate in the ways that people communicate. If you’re a doctor, a primary care doctor and you have a thousand patients, you should have a thousand followers on your Instagram, who are those patients.

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