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Combating anxiety to live a purposeful life

Josh Goldberg: Boulder Crest Foundation

Josh Goldberg was enjoying a successful career as a communications executive when his world imploded. He was overwhelmed by thoughts of suicide, severe anxiety and depression. The road to recovery took an unexpected turn when he started working with veterans. He was helping them, but they ended up saving his life. Josh discovered a new-found appreciation of friendship and mutual support that served to rebuild his life. The co-author of Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma, Josh is now the executive director of Boulder Crest, first privately-funded wellness center in the U.S. for veterans with mental health issues. In this in-depth interview, he reveals how he went from utter despair to living in the present and devoting his life to the care of others.

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Josh’s book: Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma by Ken Falke and Josh Goldberg – available May 1, 2018

01:23 How did Boulder Crest start and how has it developed into a facility for “post-traumatic growth?”
04:14 Josh explains how his personal struggle started with crippling stomach ailments related to stress, anxiety and depression.
06:40 Why did Josh feel he was living a “Truman Show existence?”
10:36 Josh’s ah ha moment with a veteran: “He used more salty language but let’s just say he leaned into my face and said you’re gonna, you’re going to fix yourself first. And I said, ‘How do I do that?“  He said, ‘be quiet and listen to what I say.’”
11:44 Josh explains the difference between people who are “self focused” and “others focused.”
18:12 Getting out of bed early has become Josh’s routine of choice to allow for regular “me” time in his life.
“I have to get up to do the things I need to do, to be the best version of myself. I then get to bring that to the world.”
19:40 Why Josh feels that meditation time is more important than sleep time.
27:56 What is post-traumatic growth?
28:50 The life lessons Josh learned from his 102-year old grandmother.
36:23 The power of looking back and being reflective about life.
38:08 How Josh emerged from a difficult moment when he struggled to articulate gratitude.
“I wake up every morning and wherever I am …I think I can’t believe I get to wake up again, I can’t believe I get to do this. And gratitude kind of pours out of me, as does passion.”
39:02 How Josh gains strength through seeing others grow.
“My wish for everybody is to have the opportunity to, not just live long, but live well and live meaningfully. Remember that the most important things in life are the ones you can’t see.”

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