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Biohacking to upgrade the human mind and body

Martin Tobias: Bulletproof Labs

Imagine being able to build as much muscle in one 12-minute workout as during four, hour-long sessions; or forgoing months of physical therapy for an injury treatment plan lasting just a few days. Enter the world of biohacking and Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, California. The machines inside the futuristic fitness and healthcare center may look like something out of a science fiction film, but they were built, according to CEO Martin Tobias, around the practical concept of becoming as healthy as possible with minimal effort. Bulletproof Labs describes itself as “the world’s first human upgrade center for the mind and body.” it offers interventions such as cryotherapy, light therapy, atmospheric cell training, adaptive resistance technology and a gym-busting, computerized curling device called a Cheat Machine. In this LLAMA podcast interview with Peter Bowes, Martin explains the mission and technology behind Bulletproof Labs and his personal passion for hacking his way to a younger cellular age.

Published on: 18 Jun 2018 @ 20:51 PT


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In this interview we discover:

  • Martin’s vision for personal fitness and human longevity.

“We need to change the conversation in America to get people more involved in sustaining their own vitality before they get sick.”

  • How Dave Asprey’s fascination and experimentation with longevity tools and hacks led to Bulletproof Labs.
  • Check out Dave’s podcast: Bulletproof Radio

“Bulletproof Labs is our first attempt to try to bring some of these leading edge technologies to the masses.”

  • How a high stakes poker game opened the door to Martin’s involvement with biohacking.
  • Why Martin, a fit guy who’s competed in Iron Man races and other endurance events, does not consider himself to be a “longevity guy.”

“Dave says he’s going to live to be 180. I don’t have a goal like that but I do have young children and I just want to be able to play with them and be present and conscious for them … as vital as I can for as long as I can.”

  • Bulletproof interventions are not all approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The company makes no promises and no medical claims. Some devices may be FDA-cleared for one purpose, but used in another capacity.   Bulletproof Labs does not claim to cure any health issues or replace regular doctor’s consultations.
  • What is a Virtual Float Tank, or “technology assisted meditation chamber?”
  • Martin explains the Cheat Machine. How can one device provide the results of hours of training in just minutes?
  • Why are nontraditional health markers, such inflammation levels, important and what do they mean?
  • Professional athletes, people with injuries, and others with chronic diseases are currently the three largest demographics using Bulletproof Labs.
  • Cryotherapy: Martin describes how subjecting yourself to -240 degrees F for a very short period of time could actually provide a health benefit.
  • How Martin’s “cell age” has gone from 54 to 37.
  • Bulletproof Labs is not a gym. Martin says the focus is on how efficiently and healthily the bodily functions, instead of outward appearance and muscle mass.

“Rather than using all these exogenous things to sort of mask over the aging process, let’s try to restart or support the underlying functions of the body and optimize them at a younger age.”

  • How Martin believes you can induce a deep, meditative state, on demand, for longer than an average meditation session.
  • Martin describes the crucial biomarkers he follows to track optimum health.
  • How have Bulletproof hacks affected Martin’s biological age?
  • What does Martin think he has done to achieve a 19-year telomere ‘age’ reduction in eight months?
  • Is there a silver bullet?
  • What about the element of risk and the potential for negative side-effects?
  • A day in the life of Martin:  It starts early, involves surfing, fasting and sometimes a Bulletproof Coffee.

“That’s what Bulletproof Labs is all about, providing people tools, technologies and a community to come, if you want to, and participate in this community which is taking control of their own health.”

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