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Michelle Longmire

Opening up clinical trials to people everywhere, anytime

Dr. Michelle Longmire is a Stanford-trained dermatologist, accomplished athlete and CEO of the digital health platform, Medable. The Palo Alto, California-based company is transforming the way clinical trials are performed by opening up the process to everyone. Through its technology and “direct-to-patient” approach, Medable is making it possible for researchers to capture data that would otherwise be lost to the scientific process. This includes environmental factors and the continuous measurement of a person’s physiology, to create a road map of their lives.  In this in-depth interview, recorded at the USC Center for Body Computing Conference, Michelle explains how patient-generated data has the power to radically improve healthcare delivery, clinical research, and personalized and predictive medicine. She also reveals how running every day helps her to manage her company and why she heeds her grandmother’s advice to sleep on her back.

Show notes and quotes

1.30 What is Medable?

3.20 “We are also pioneering this concept called “the digitome.” What’s that?  Read Michelle’s Medium article here.

6.00 Peter took part in a clinical trial in 2013, experimenting with a Fasting Mimicking Diet.  Read about it here

17.05 Michelle went to Stanford to study dermatology specifically to research longevity in the lab of Dr Howard Chang

18.05 “I believe exercise is the most potent thing we can do to prevent aging – the fasting data is also quite compelling, but mixed.”

We met Michelle at the 2017 USC Center for Body Computing Conference.  Watch videos from the conference here.

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