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Obstacle race solution to mid-life fitness crisis

Rachel Cosgrove: Co-owner, Results Fitness

Rachel Cosgrove was always the coach and mentor that everyone in the gym looked up to. Lean, strong and successful she was the model, middle-aged athlete – a go-getter fitness coach who inspired her clients. But as Rachel turned forty she realized that she no longer had the body of an elite athlete.  The co-owner of Results Fitness in Newhall, California, was putting on weight and becoming a mid-life “statistic”. What happened next is nothing short of remarkable. In this interview with Peter Bowes, Rachel opens up about a personal journey that grew out of her 40s fitness crisis. This is the first of three episodes, featuring older adults (between 40 and 80), who find their form and achieve extraordinary results as obstacle course racers.

Published on: 19 Nov 2018 @ 13:25 PT


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In this interview we learn about:

  • Rachel’s love of Spartan races for their unpredictability and unique challenges.
  • The mind games Rachel plays to help her survive swimming through freezing cold water.

“It’s always an interesting mental journey.”

  • Growing up as part of a family that struggled with weight issues and obesity.
  • Trying different diets and exercise programs and figuring out what works best.
  • The challenges of opening a gym and becoming an expert in the fitness industry.
  • Following the science to devise workout programs.
  • Confronting the time-crunch – the number one objection to exercise.
  • How results can be achieved with just two hours per week of working out.
  • What happened to Rachel when she turned 40.
  • Why living in “moderation” does not work.
  • How easy it is to let things go after achieving personal fitness success and a high-flying career.
  • What Rachel did to get back to her former, super-fit self.

“I really honestly feel that at 43, I feel better than I did even in my 20s and 30s.”

  • How older athletes are achieving peak levels of fitness.
  • How becoming a little more selfish and focussing on training as an older adult can reap rewards.
  • Prioritizing time for health and fitness.
  • Craving an obstacle course escape from everyday life.

“Adding strength training, adding muscle – that keeps you young. That’s what’s going to keep you strong and fit and really leads to that longevity we’re looking for.”

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