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Prescribing a lifestyle for longevity

Rangan Chatterjee: Medical doctor, TV host

Rangan Chatterjee is a medical doctor, best known in the UK as the star of Doctor in the House, the BBC series that helps restore people to optimal health. After two decades of practicing medicine, Dr Chatterjee is on a mission to replace pills with “lifestyle prescriptions.” He believes that people are needlessly suffering and that health care professionals should put more emphasis on preventing chronic, lifestyle-related conditions though behavioral changes. The author of The 4 Pillar Plan says the secret to a longer, healthier life lies in relaxation, sleeping, movement and a carefully chosen diet. He also acknowledges that healthy eating has become “incredibly complicated.” In this in-depth interview Dr Chatterjee explains how modern lifestyles are negatively impacting our health; why his personal longevity goal involves the ski slopes of the French Alps and the difference a ’switch-off’ routine makes to restful sleep.

Notes and quotes

Check out Dr. Chatterjee’s website here.
“I love going to be out French Alps and skiing. I honestly see no reason why I can’t be doing that at 95 and that’s one of my goals…I’d like to live far past 100 if I can, as long as I could do it in good health and I absolutely believe that that’s possible.”
02:50 Dr Chatterjee went to Medical School at Edinburgh University and worked there for a few years afterwards.
06:49 Dr Chatterjee currently works for the National Health Service in England, which he says is “crumbling.”
“There’s a lot of pressure on it and we’re struggling to cope.  The reason we’re struggling to cope is because there is too much lifestyle disease being put on the NHS and its system is not set up around that.”
18:57 Reference BMJ article: Evidence based medicine: what it is and what it isn’t (Prof. David L Sackett)
32:09  Reference:  Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University reversing type 2 diabetes on a 600 calorie liquid diet.
34:20 Dr Chatterjee’s new book is The 4 Pillar Plan
35:05 “I believe we all pretty much these days have the ability to feel better than we currently do.”
39:55 Dr Chatterjee believes that sleep is one of the most undervalued pillars of health.
“At about eight thirty, I try to switch my phone off, switch my computer off and unwind. And normally by half 9 or 10 I’m in bed.”
50:03 In 2017 Dr Chatterjee hosted a conference in Guernsey with LLAMA guest James Maskell titled, Journey to 100.

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