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76-year old gym rat’s recipe for longevity

Royce Smith: Businessman, athlete

Royce Smith lifts weights with his gym buddies every morning at 5am. Then he goes to work – at one of two companies he runs – and puts in a full day in the office. He competes in obstacle course events like the Spartan Race, has a busy family life and at the age of 76, enjoys the best of health. What is his secret?  In many ways Royce epitomizes a lifestyle that promotes a long health span. In this LLAMA podcast interview with Peter Bowes the California businessman explains how he maintains his rigorous daily routine; why he keeps pushing himself to take part in obstacle course races and how he is inspired to work out alongside younger athletes. This is the third and final episode in our mini series at Results Fitness, featuring older athletes.

Published on: 5 Dec 2018 @ 18:04 PT


Connect with Royce: Business | Results Fitness
In this interview we learn about:

  • How a 76-year old works six days a week and maintains a vigorous exercise regime.
  • Strength training to maintain stamina
  • How Royce is motivated by his daily routine, rising at 4am to go to the gym.
  • Working hard and playing hard

“Most of my friends that live in the same community the same age are retired and they’re looking for things to do. I don’t want to look for things to do, I just want to do.”

  • Developing the right mental attitude to compete in a Spartan Race.
  • A muti-generational approach: Inspiring younger people to work out hard
  • Delaying retirement.

If (at) 85 if I feel just as good as I do now there’s no reason for me to stop working. Maybe I’ll quit one of the jobs and instead of working 24/7 I’ll just only work five days a week.”

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