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Retire, pivot or die

Sandra Feaster: Turning 60 and Beyond

They say sixty is the new forty. Seventy, the new fifty. But what does that mean? We are living longer, but are we living better? Sandra Feaster, a registered nurse and health coach, approaches aging with the same ghusto that an accomplished mountain climber tackles the highest peaks.  She says growing older is an “incredible journey” that embraces the realities of aging while continuing to live life to the full. Along with her husband, William Feaster, MD, Sandra runs the blog T60+, a website dedicated to sharing science-based information about health and wellness, for people turning 60. In this LLAMA podcast interview, with Peter Bowes, Sandra explains her retire, pivot or die philosophy, her disdain for “fake” health news and why she believes we should all lead a more “mindful” life.


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In this interview we explore:

  • What it means to live a healthy and active life well beyond 60.
  • Is 60 really the new 40?
  • How the blog T60+ covers the business of health and wellness and separates the fads from facts.
  • When did the realities of aging first resonate with Sandra?
  • Tackling and moving beyond cancer.
  • How cancer brings your mortality into focus.

“Anyone that has had those three words ‘you have cancer’ you stop, you reassess your life and you think, ‘well, what if what if this really is it?”

  • Making the change – delaying the die or exercise regime.
  • Why we don’t think about mortality while we’re young.
  • Waiting in line for the next funeral and why we should think about it.
  • Living a more mindful life, at all ages.
  • Moving from nursing to health coaching and blogging and becoming a healthy aging evangelist.

“I don’t think you ever retire. I think you pivot what you do.”

  • Making better lifestyle choices based on a lifetime of experience.
  • The ah-ha moments that come with healthy eating and exercise.
  • Expecting the unexpected to happen, as we age.
  • Aspiring to achieve a long health span as opposed to lifespan.
  • Seeking out reliable preventative health information in the modern world. Who to believe.

“We consider ourself pretty health literate and it’s really hard, even for us, to weave through the vast amount of information.”

  • Does the longevity business have our best interests at heart?
  • Why so much emphasis on anti-aging?
  • The good, bad and ugly use of social media as we age.
  • What gets you up in the morning?

“It can be as simple as walking around the perimeter of the grocery store, breathing fresh air and enjoying life and smiling.”

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