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Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) is available, free of charge, as an audio podcast and via YouTube. Our goal is to share ideas about lifestyle interventions that could help us live longer and better. To fund our mission, this site includes affiliate links from which we derive a small commission. Some of our episodes are co-productions, as denoted in the show notes.  We are grateful to the following companies and organizations for their support.  Please pay them a visit to learn more about their work.

If you share our vision and are able to contribute, we also accept donations to help cover research, production and hosting costs. This can be done through our safe and secure PayPal account with our sincere thanks.

The LLAMA podcast is a HealthSpan Media LLC production.

Algae snacks: EnergyBits is offering LLAMA podcast listeners a 20 percent discount in its algae products. The microscopic form of life is consumed as part of a balanced diet is in some parts of the world, but it is also being hailed as a superfood that could help us age better. Use the code LLAMA here


FlexBeam is a wearable red light therapy device which targets key parts of the body to improve sleep/treat injuries/sooth aches/pains. Recharge Health is offering LLAMA listeners a discount on the purchase of a FlexBeam unit.

Learn about the science behind red light therapy with Recharge Health clinical director and Flexbeam co-creator, Dr. Zulia Frost, here

Discounts vary, year-round – Full details of the latest offer here.

Timeline is offering LLAMA podcast listeners a 10% discount on its Mitopure products – Mitopure Powder, Softgels, Mitopure + Protein and skin creams. Mitopure supports improvements in mitochondrial function and muscle strength. Mitopure, a highly pure form of the gut metabolite urolithin A, is ‘generally regarded as safe’ by the US Food and Drug Administration. Use the code LLAMA at checkout

Learn more about the product:

Chris Rinsch co-founded Amazentis, the life science company behind Timeline and its signature product, Mitopure. We spoke at length to Chris in a face-to-face interview at his company’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Watch here.

Clinique La Prairie (CLP) is an award-winning spa-clinic and pioneering health and wellness destination.Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland, CLP combines preventative medicine with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans with an holistic approach to living fuller, healthier and longer lives.

Learn more about the work of CLP from this interview with CEO Simone Gibertoni

DoNotAge is offering LLAMA podcast listeners a 10% discount on its range of targeted supplementation products to optimize wellbeing.  

Health queries can be answered by emailing the DoNotAge team at  

Use the code LLAMA at checkout

Genesis Gold | “We offer the only organic, plant-based nutritional supplements that balance the hypothalamus and the neuro-immune-endocrine system as well as digestion, detoxification, and mitochondrial energy production.” Get a 10% discount on products using the code LIVELONG10

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