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Sue Albert

Defying age and physical challenges to become a competitive weightlifter in her 70s

In the months before her retirement, Sue Albert was worried that she may not survive to enjoy her golden years. She spent a lifetime in nursing, and ended her career as the dean of a health department at a California college. But Sue was burned out and sick. She had neglected her own health needs and was overweight, hypertensive and physically challenged. She decided to join a gym and, albeit reluctantly, embarked on a life-changing – possibly life-saving – workout regime. This week Sue heads to Belarus to compete in the World Powerlifting Championships. LLAMA host Peter Bowes met Sue at her gym, Results Fitness, in Newhall, California, for an inspiring conversation about her new-found youth and vitality. She reveals the secret to her physical and mental transformation – swapping her “can’t do” attitude for the mindset of a champion weightlifter.

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