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Exposing the futility of ‘anti-aging’

Tara Gadomski: Film-maker, Signs of Aging

Anti-aging – who needs it?  Surely, striving to master or embrace the aging process is better than trying to defy it.  It is a philosophy we at Live Long and Master Aging share with Tara Gadomski, writer, filmmaker and director of a new short film, Signs of Aging. The story explores, through dark humor, the methods used to sell so-called anti-aging products to older women. A powerful message emerges about the appreciation of life over vanity. In this LLAMA podcast interview, with Peter Bowes, Tara explains her distaste for what she calls the shaming of older people, who’re beginning to show their age.

Published on: 13 Jun 2019 @ 15:17 PT.


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Tara is a 2019 Sundance Knight Foundation Fellow.

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In this interview we cover:

  • “Shaming” older people and why the term anti-aging should be outlawed.
  • Why some people are made to feel like “lesser human beings ” because they don’t comply with a certain beauty standard.
  • Flaws, imperfections, fixes and corrections.

“It makes me sad that I for many years … felt shame about age and it just makes no sense.”

  • Letting go as you get older.
  • Embracing and mastering aging rather than trying to defy the process.
  • Telling stories with the benefit of ageing wisdom.
“There are things you can’t know until you’ve gone through them.”
  • Signs of Aging – a short film about living.
  • A story about a fictional saleswoman trying to sell ‘anti-aging’ beauty products to older women.
  • The myth of there being “biology to it’ – suggesting women are more attractive in their child-bearing years.
  • Spoiler alert – we reveal the powerful plot line that exposes the hypocrisy of ‘forever young’ messages in cosmetics advertising.
  • Wrinkles and spots – why we’re lucky to have them.
  • Honoring people who died young.

“You can’t get through life without your skin aging – your skin aging means you’re actually here and you’re experiencing it.”

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