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Living clutter-free for happier, healthier aging

Tracy McCubbin: Decluttering expert

Tracy McCubbin helps others declutter for a living. As we get older, many people find it hard to let go of stuff they’ve accumulated over the decades. But letting go is often a transformational experience. Tracy, through her Los Angeles-based company, dClutterfly, helps retirees prioritize essential items for the next phase in their lives, and advises the elderly on parting ways with items that simply no longer add value to their days. In her upcoming book, The Clutter Code, Tracy describes the emotional blocks that prevent people from decluttering their lives, and how to overcome these obstacles. She also discusses the practicalities of clearing our homes of mementoes, furniture, bric-a-brac, books and photos. In this LLAMA podcast interview with Peter Bowes, Tracy explains the importance of simplifying our lives and why there is a correlation between healthy aging and living in a clutter-free world.

Published on: 13 Aug 2018 @ 17:25 PST


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In this interview we discover:

How working as a professional assistant and bookkeeper prepared Tracy for her job.

She was inspired to become a professional de-clutterer after people turned to her for help with daunting tasks, like organizing loads of paperwork from a failed business, or wading through items of a deceased loved one.

Why, in modern times, it’s easier than ever before to live a cluttered lifestyle.

“I see a direct correlation between the advent of cheap consumer goods and homes being stuffed.”

How decreasing the number of decisions you make each day can lead to a more productive lifestyle.

“So much information is coming at us, and so much stuff is going on, that all those things that you can simplify just make everything a lot easier.”

Why you’re less likely to make better decisions early on in the day.

Tracy’s personal physical and lifestyle goals for a happy and healthy life.

A simple tip to help you decide which clothes to give away and which to keep.

Why decluttering also means removing people from your circle who don’t support a healthy lifestyle.

The largest emotional roadblock that often prevents people from decluttering their lives.

How solidifying your next steps in life can make you happier in the long run, and lead to a more simplified, fulfilling life.

Why you shouldn’t feel pressured into keeping an item just because it was given to you.

“Sometimes you have to take stuff you don’t want, put it in the trunk of your car and get rid of it later.”

Why people feel the need to keep items even if they’re not displayed or in use.

“We want to know the touchstones of our life.”

The pulling power of household items that spark memories and how to deal with them.

Why many people need fewer items and physical things as they grow older, and how to prepare for this lifestyle change.

The valuable lessons Tracy has learned from her clients over the years.

“I have learned the value of keeping up friendships and keeping up personal relationships, and especially as you look to aging.”

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