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Loneliness kills. Just like cigarettes. Social isolation is such a problem that it is shortening lives and US health officials have declared it to be an epidemic. Earlier this month, the US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy said: “It is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, and premature death.” We’re publishing this interview on memorial Day in the US – a public holiday which for many people is a day of socialization, family gatherings and fun events away from work. Laura Putnam is the founder of Motion Infusion – a company with a mission to bring movement to the workplace.  She’s also an advocate for measures to combat the loneliness and isolation that many people feel through a lack of social connections.

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In a series of one-to-one interviews, the Live Long and Master Aging podcast hacks the aging process. Our guests include world-renowned scientists, future thinkers and biohackers, all of whom have a common goal of figuring out how we can live longer and healthier. We also talk to inspiring individuals who have already mastered the aging process. We talk a lot about food, fasting, fitness, the brain and good fortune.

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A British-born, naturalised American, Peter Bowes is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He is trained as a biologist and has spent much of his career working in news, current affairs and documentary-making for the BBC. A self-experimenter, when it comes to his own diet and exercise, Peter is fascinated by lifestyles and science-based regimes that promote healthy aging.

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