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There has been a surge in interest in the use of full body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans as a screening tool to spot early signs of disease. Influencers and celebrities have posted about their experiences, creating an additional buzz around these screening interventions. At a cost of up to $2,500 they are touted as a tool to catch medical problems, such as cancer, at a stage when they can be treated, but widely criticized by professional medical bodies and generally not covered by health insurance.

To learn more about the process and follow-up protocol host Peter Bowes recently accepted an offer to experience a full body MRI scan, provided by the US company, Prenuvo. He later discussed the procedure, related issues and efficacy concerns with the firm’s founder and CEO, Andrew Lacy, who explains that the main draw for many is peace of mind, believing that early intervention could prevent severe health issues.

Critics argue that there isn’t sufficient evidence to justify screening asymptomatic patients, given that they can result in unnecessary anxiety and follow-up procedures.  Peter also hears from Dr. Mirza Rahman, president of the American College of Preventive Medicine, who says such scans pose many risks to patients and should not be used

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